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Giggle, Smile, or plain Laugh Out Loud Because Life is Too Short to Be Taken Seriously

Casual Doses of Funny Sh*t Written by an Insomniac Philosopher

Witty, tacky, satirical, funny, this book can be described in a number of different ways. It’s like one fine, random day you found yourself talking to yourself. While commuting to work, you thought of a joke and began to smirk or laugh perplexing anyone who might’ve noticed you.

Do you know the feeling? That’s what this book is about. Or, if you can, imagine Socrates having a conversation with Joey or Chandler. You would still get philosophy, but it would seem too lopsided for you to seriously ponder over it. Be cautioned though: Just don’t be caught reading this book while drinking or eating for obvious reasons.

Turning each page, you can relate to everything that’s being said. It’s ordinary, and commonsensical with a tinge of fun, a sprinkle of cuss words, some effin, but a whole lot of humor. From the Avengers to Fifty Shades of Gray to the current pandemic, nothing was spared.

But it’s all good fun. You deserve to laugh. No, really, like laugh aloud. Read this book on the train or in the men’s or ladies’ room of that restaurant if your date turned out to be boring.

And, oh, before you can have so much fun, you need to get this book.

So, scroll up and click the “Buy now with 1-click” button and let’s LOL!

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