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Get Your Sh*t Together, Put Your Laughing Caps On, and Be Ready to Think Out-of-the-Box


If light takes a few minutes to reach us, then in some way we are living in the past. Grapple with these and some other philosophical musings mixed with a heavy dose of humor. DonYusif does it again if you have read his previous book.


As you read this book, it will make you rethink the conventions that you are used to. For example, if bread is what it is, bread, then why do we need so many varieties of it?


The book comes with different chapters, each talks about a varying aspect in a casual tone with some cussing where the need arises. But one thing is quite certain. You will walk away being more enlightened than before you started to read the book.


But not everything is whacky. This book also comes with a good amount of wisdom. It stresses and rationalizes the importance of being happy with oneself, and being one’s own independent person. In this book, you will also enjoy the contextual use of quotations from other thinkers.


Be ready to switch gears, often, though because this narrative will move fast and you’ll experience a lot of twists and turns along the way. And better hold on to something because the ride may get slippery.


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